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County Specific Data

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Mohave Arizona Physical Map Revision

BakerAECOM will produce a PMR in Mohave County, AZ to remove PAL notes from levee segments that will be accredited, de-accredit the Wikeup Dike, and remap areas around levee segments that are not affected by the Base Flood.

Letter of Map Revision


A Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) is a determination, which reflects an official revision to an effective National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) map. LOMRs are issued in place of the physical revision and republication of the effective map. A LOMR may change flood insurance risk zones, floodplain and/or floodway boundary delineations, planimetric features, and/or Base Flood Elevations (BFEs) or flood depths. The LOMR becomes effective on the date shown on the determination document.

The appeals process for LOMRs includes a formal notification of the change and requires that it be published in the local newspaper and Federal Register as soon as possible. Additionally, the appeal process requires that LOMRs are available for public review. As a result, the LOMRs listed on the Letter of Map Revision page have been made available for public review and comment.  Any comments supported by scientific or technical data should be forwarded to your community’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Contact information for the CEO and Floodplain Administrator (FPA) are generally available on the community websites. Links to the community websites appear on the County pages.

Mohave Valley, Golden Valley, North Lake Havasu Physical Map Revision

BakerAECOM will produce a PMR in Mohave County, AZ to incorporate studies completed by Mohave County under CTP agreement with Region IX. Studies to be incorporated include the Mohave Valley Study, Golden Valley Study, and North Lake Havasu Study. BakerAECOM scope includes review of the Mohave Valley CTP Study work products, development of an updated Base Map, DFIRM database, and taking the project through Preliminary and Post Preliminary Processing to Effective Map. BakerAECOM will also process topographic data provided by the CTP in order to complete Post-Preliminary Processing effort. The CTP study used FLO-2D modeling for the Mohave Valley Study (30 stream miles and 17 map panels), North Lake Havasu Study (12 stream miles of AE zone and 3 square miles of AO zone on 5 panels), and the Golden Valley Study (14 stream miles and 17 map panels). The total effort is estimated to impact 56 stream miles and 39 map panels.

Mohave Arizona Physical Map Revision

Approved LOMR #12-09-1696P, which fixed a shift issue, will be incorporated as a physical map revision (PMR) affecting 33 panels. The panels will be produced in the new 2012 Appendix K format, the database and FIS will be produced in the 2003 format.




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