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California Coastal Analysis and Mapping Project (CCAMP)

Region IX is initiating flood studies/mapping projects in coastal areas as a result of Congressional appropriations for Flood Hazard Mapping under Risk MAP . These efforts will address gaps in required engineering and mapping for high flood risk areas impacted by coastal flooding.  Cumulatively, these flood studies/mapping projects are being referred to as the California Coastal Analysis and Mapping Project (CCAMP).

To learn more about the Open Pacific Coast Study, click here or click the right side of the CCAMP logo.

To learn more about the San Francisco Bay Area Coastal Study, click here or click the left side of the CCAMP logo.

To learn more about FEMA coastal mapping projects in other Regions, access links to technical bulletins, coastal modeling software, and additional resources visit the FEMA coastal page here.

To learn more about mitigating coastal flood risks and achieving resilience, visit the FEMA coastal page here.




  • New Increased Flooding Scenario Maps for Bay Area Communities

    ​FEMA has created new non-regulatory mapping products for all nine San Francisco Bay Area counties that depict increased coastal flooding scenarios. The Increased Flooding Scenario Maps complement the National Flood Insurance Program regulatory products, i.e. the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs), Flood Insurance Study reports and GIS databases.

    These mapping products are available now and utilize the most up-to-date data based on FEMA’s San Francisco Bay Area Coastal Study. They provide additional information on how the 1-percent-annual-chance (i.e. 100-year) coastal floodplain may change with a 1-foot, 2-foot, and 3-foot increase in flood levels.

  • Living with Levees

    ​Living with levees is a shared responsibility. It is important for both levee owners, and those who live and work near levees, to understand the risks associated with levees. As part of its California Coastal Analysis and Mapping Project, FEMA Region IX is evaluating protection levels of previously accredited coastal levees using updated flood hazard data and communicating current risk information to levee owners.


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